Hi, I’m Vicki Milliken

I am an Australian Historical Romance and Children’s Author and Freelance Writer.

After a lifetime in the corporate sphere, from oil to beer, I opted out to follow a passion to write.
I love historical romance, ballroom dancing, golden retrievers and chai lattes. When not writing I like to spend my time keeping fit, traveling and reading.

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Vicki is a freelance writer and author. As a teenager she wanted to be a journalist, a marine biologist and then a primary school teacher. But her desire to explore the world was greater and so deferring university, she found a job in a multinational that would pay enough to let her do just that. North America and Antarctica remain the only continents she hasn’t travelled.
Roll forward 37 years. After an extended holiday, and lots of time to think, Vicki decided to take a sabbatical from the 50-60-hour weeks of her corporate career. A series of short courses sandwiched into weekends had rekindled her passion to write and she enrolled in a 12-month program.
When it was cancelled after 6 months, she was left with the bones of two children’s stories, 20,000 words of a historical romance and a determination to finish them and hold a printed copy of each in her hands. And then the pandemic struck!
She was lucky to find a fabulous publishing coach who held her hand during 2020 and gave her the confidence into 2021 and beyond. Her team today consists of two wonderful editors, one for each genre; an amazing illustrator; and a fantastic designer.
Vicki hopes her stories showcase humour and heart. Certainly, that’s what’s in her mind as she writes.
When not at her keyboard, she can be found walking the pathways of her local area or at the beach with her golden retriever and westie, cycling and drinking chai lattes. Most times in that order!
She’s looking forward to the day her writing keeps her in champagne (or the best Australian sparkling wine)!
Vicki Milliken


Spoil yourself and the one you love with a 1920s Romance!

Australian Romance Writers 2022 Romantic Book of the Year 3rd place!

Kiss by Kiss, the second book in the Misses of Melbourne series.

“A little beauty with hidden depths whilst being a thoroughly fun read!”

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What to do with 25,000 American sailors for a fortnight? The background for the story The Battle for Eliza.

It isn’t well known, but in July 1925, Australia played host to a peacetime visit by a total of fifty-seven vessels and approximately twenty-five thousand officers and men of the United States Navy.

Melbourne, as the official capital of Australia and temporary seat of Federal Parliament at the time, received the largest contingent – forty-three vessels – including the flagship USS Seattle, and three battleships, USS Pennsylvania, USS Nevada and USS Oklahoma, which docked at Princes Pier in Port Melbourne on Thursday 23 July. Other vessels berthed at Victoria Dock (now part of Docklands) and across Hobson’s Bay itself. It must have been a sight to see.

The city was gripped with joie de vivre – ten thousand officers and sailors! The plans of the female population included ensuring a reserve of sleep in the weeks before and then cramming all they could into the daytime and dancing hours of the fortnight that followed.

Entertainments included official receptions, a march through city streets, balls and other dancing, a race meeting, baseball matches, boxing matches, rifle shooting, gala performances at the theatres and cinemas, afternoon teas, dinners at family tables, numerous motor and train days to destinations outside of Melbourne and much more. Interestingly, these were detailed in the daily newspapers including dates, times and venues. I could not imagine this degree of openness today. Full List of Fleet Entertainments – 2 Week Programme

The fleet departed on Thursday August 6. Onboard a kangaroo named Okey – the new mascot for the battleship USS Oklahoma. Although various reports suggest a variety of animals found themselves bound for Wellington New Zealand, the fleet’s next port of call, including a talking cockatoo and a couple of opossums. In return we were promised two American bison for the Melbourne Zoo.

Wives were also a collectible of the two weeks visit and many more promises by the men to return.


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